Bilimbe Selfie Photo Booth Bangalore

Bilimbe Selfie Photo Booth Bangalore
Bilimbe Selfie Photo Booth Bangalore
Bilimbe’s selfie photo booth have become a regular feature at the most exclusive parties, weddings and events in Chennai, Delhi and Bangalore. Whether you need unique props or custom backdrop, they can provide you with everything at an affordable cost. Contact them now to know about their types of photo booth.

Bilimbe is a premier photo booth hire company in Chennai, Delhi and bangalore. They offer different types of photo booths at different budgets to suit the needs of customers. You can hire instant photo booth that can print images instantly or selfie photo booth that can fit into any venue. They can also customize the booth according to your theme. Make your party indelible with Bilimbe’s photo booth.

Bilime Selfi Photo Booth Bangalore
# 11, 7th cross,Venkatapura,
Koramangala 1st block,
Bangalore -560034, Karnataka

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Bilimbe Selfie Photo Booth Bangalore

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