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Food Licenses Consultant in OMR

Do you Need Food License for a Homemade Food Selling?

s, you need a food license from FSSAI to sell homemade food but if it is at small scale, only registration is required. Homemade food or Hotel food each and every Food Business Operator (FBO) is required to either register or get Food License.As per Food Safety and  Security act, 2006 every FBO is required to obtain an FSSAI Food License. If the FBO is tiny or small it only requires to register itself with FSSAI. Obtaining Registration or License depends upon the annual turnover of the FBO.

  • Below 12 Lakhs – Registration FORM A
  • 12 – 20 Lakhs – State License FORM B
  • Above 20 Lakhs -Central License FORM B

FSSAI Food License can be easily obtained from here.

  • FBO must be registered.
  • One additional Central License for Head Office is necessary if Food Business Operator is operating in more than 1 state,
  • Importers can take a single central license at their Import Export Code address.
  • Food Business Operator must obey the rules and conditions of registration.
  • For one presumption with various types of businesses is eligible for one registration.

What is the need of FSSAI License?

  • It facilitates trade and makes sure there is no compromise on consumer safety & a larger share.
  • High degree of consumer confidence in safety & quality of food is there.
  • It also helps in removal of multiple regulations.
  • It also helps to promote innovation in foods products.


The President of India on 23rd august 2006 gave his approval to an act to combine all the laws related to food and to establish Food Safety and Standards Authority of India that will set the standards based on science for the food articles and will regulate the manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and import, in order to make sure that safe and wholesome food is available for human consumption, it will also deal with all matters connected with food.

This act is called Food Safety and Standards Act, 2017 and this extends to the entire of India.

The Act has defined – “consumer”, “contaminant” ,“Designated Officer”, “hazard”,“prohibition order”, “risk”, “risk- analysis”, “risk assessment”, “risk communication”, “risk management”, “sale” ,“sample”, “specified by regulations”, “standard”, “State Government”, “substance”,“Commissioner of Food Safety” , “Food Analyst”, “Food Authority”, “Food business” ,“food business operator”, “food laboratory” ,“food safety”, “food safety audit” “Sub-standard”, “Tribunal” ,and “unsafe food” “import” ,“improvement notice” ,“infant food” and “infant milk substitute” ,“ingredient”, “label”, ”license”, “local area” ,“manufacture”,  “Member”, “misbranded food”, “notification”, “package”, “premises” ,“prescribed”, “primary food”,“extraneous matter”, “Food”, “food additive”,“adulterant”, “advertisement” ,“Chairperson” ,“claim” ,, “Food Safety Management System” ,“Food Safety Officer”.

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