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FRRO Consultant in Chennai

How do I make the visit as painless as possible?

The FRRO is a place of many horror stories, but can also be a place where you are pleasantly surprised at the efficient service you get if you follow the rules.

1. Show up early. Most offices usually start seeing people around 9:30am based on the numbered token system. The smart choice is to show up at least around 8:30am to get a low number. Don’t assume that because you have a token, someone will come and get you and invite you in when it is your turn. Sit near the door, be alert, and don’t let someone get in front of you.

2. Plan for two trips. Even if you follow the information given here perfectly, there is a great chance that there will be at least one thing wrong. Set your expectations low. If there is something missing, have the officer write out clearly what is missing and ask if you can skip the Scrutiny Officer the next day. The most likely scenario is that you will spend 4 hours there on the first visit and 3 hours on the second. If you do it in less time than that, celebrate!

3. Bring extra copies. It’s a bad feeling to sit in line for 3 hours and then be turned away because you are missing one copy of something. 3 copies of everything is a good rule of thumb, along with the originals.

4. Signed, Sealed, Attested. All copies of your personal documents should be self-attested (signed). All copies of corporate documents should be signed, stamped, and sealed. See How To Please for more help. Anyone who signs a document for you should also mention their contact details on the document and give you a copy of their identification proof (passport, PAN card, voter ID card, etc).

5. Just the right amount of information. At the FRRO, you may find that the Scrutiny Officer doesn’t require a certain document you brought. (Different locations can sometimes require different documentation.) Only give the officer what they specifically request and keep the rest of the documentation with you until they ask for it. There is always a chance they may find a fault with an ‘additional’ document you didn’t need in the first place.

6.) Be patient and friendly. Your approval can potentially be very subjective given the mood of the person you are speaking with. If you sit down in a fluster because you have been waiting for three hours and are very rude to them, you are not likely to get the best treatment back.

7.) No doesn’t always mean no. Remember that Grey is White in India and the rules can be up for interpretation if the situation demands it. The more you present yourself as an amiable, India-loving foreigner, the better your chances are to not have to come back for any small errors. If they initially reject a certain document, don’t get up immediately and sulk. Explain the situation, ask if it is absolutely necessary or if there is an alternative, but don’t be a jerk about it either.

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